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just got back as GeekGamer 2099

2011-08-16 12:42:25 by GeekGamer2099

do not know if my pictures can be see, please could someone look at them and answer?
because my pictures is get:THIS USER HAS NOT BEEN SCOUTED YET. t/
thanks to all
this si a one of my arts the name is : wisdom of newgrounds

just got back as GeekGamer 2099


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2014-06-12 18:49:53

Tus dibujos son muy buenos :)
por el momento solo se ven en tu perfil, para que formen parte de la seccion de arte de NG primero debe ser recomendada por varios usuarios, yo ya te recomende :D

GeekGamer2099 responds:

vaya gracias tio :D hace tiempo que no me meto, y tu sales en el portal?